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Remote HS Freshmen Orientation - Testimonial!

Beaver County Christian School Counselor, Naomi Oosting, has not let the pandemic get in the way of preparing her students for high school. With Prep4Success curriculum, she continued covering the high school prep topics online. Check it out!

“P4S has been a true life saver for me with the move to online schooling during the COVID 19 pandemic. I had only gotten to meet with our 8th grade class a couple of weeks before we went online. Initially, I was not planning to continue our high school prep sessions to allow them to focus on core classes, but the students asked me to continue so they could feel better prepared for high school! Thankfully, due to the PowerPoints and worksheets in the curriculum, I was able to easily upload them to google classroom and create a follow up google response form to ask a few questions about what they had learned. It has worked out so well and the students are thankful to continue preparing for their future!” Naomi Oosting

Proven success method:

1. Upload the pdf PowerPoint Notes pages provided in the curriculum to your LMS such as Google Classroom. The notes pages contain step-by-step verbiage for students to read and follow OR you may wish to add your own voice to the editable PowerPoint provided and create a video for them to watch!

2. Attached worksheet(s) and/or assessment(s) provided in the curriculum to your LMS. Many worksheets are editable so you may want to customize them first to your school.

3. Create a simple instruction page in your LMS or an email instructing your students to begin by reading through the PowerPoint notes and access the worksheets and/or assessments.

3. Pick a few follow up questions and create a quiz (google response form) or discussion panel. Here is a sample set of questions for the Learning Styles lesson:

  • Did you read the PowerPoint notes or watch the video?

  • What is your learning style?

  • Do you agree with the style indicated for you? Why or why not?

Special Sauce/TIPS – Hit the right topics!

Weather online or in person, P4S curriculum materials make it a breeze!

Their future – our tools – your influence! Join me…

©2020 all rights reserved

Author: Kathy Pierce Howard, creator of Prep4Success Academy curriculum for educators and parents to enhance student motivation and success. For more TOOLS and to sign up to receive this blog go to

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