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Our Curriculum

Many students tell us that school feels overwhelming and boring. Often, these students lack the appropriate time management, organizational, study skills and/or vision for their future.

Our flexible curriculum lets you select lesson plans from specific topics that relate to your students' needs. You choose the scope and sequence, and decide how and when to introduce these life-changing topics.

Prep4Success Academy curriculum resources reinforce your academic program
by helping students in grades 6 through 9
understand the changes and challenges they will face as they enter high school. 
Prep4Success can help your students build important skills
they will need in high school, college, and beyond!































Flexible Implementation

Some schools create a class to review these topics and equip students for their next steps. Others integrate the curriculum into an existing standard class, like homeroom, study hall, Bible, or an elective hour.


These lessons can also create a powerful high school freshman orientation workshop. 

Our Materials

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Are editable to meet student needs

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Can be branded to your organization

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Include a guided teacher script

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Requires only a one-time purchase, no annual fee


"In many cases, I've only had a few minutes to look over the material in preparation for class. Fortunately, the lessons are so user-friendly, easy to understand and well put together that you're ready to go pretty instantaneously! Don't worry about coming up with discussion questions, activities to get the kids engaged or worksheets to encourage student interaction — it's all there in a simple, easy-to-follow format!"

Rachel Williams

High School English Teacher

Download a Free Sample!

Freshman Finals Survival Lesson

Freshman Finals Survival Lesson

While some freshmen may have had one or two high school-level classes in eighth grade, the ninth-grade year can plunge them into a new world of expectations and experiences, including finals week. This lesson package provides a framework for you to discuss final exams and to prepare students for this strenuous academic experience.

Package includes a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets, and links to free additional resources.

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