High School Prep4Success Curriculum

Prep4Success Academy curriculum resources reinforce your academic program by helping students in grades 6 through 9 understand the changes and challenges they will face as they enter high school. 
Additionally, Prep4Success can help students build important skills they will need in high school, college, and beyond.

Helping You Identify “Big Questions”

Many students tell us that school feels either overwhelming or boring. Often, these students lack the appropriate time management, organizational, or study skills, as well as a clear vision for their future to help them succeed.


In other cases, the students do not understand the significance of a GPA, a transcript, credits, or class rank. They may not know how to set realistic goals. We can help!

Prep4Success Academy has designed practical lessons and coordinating activities to address the most common concerns that middle school and younger high school students have.  Check out what our happy customers are saying.

A Program that Fits Your School!

Our flexible curriculum enables you to select lessons from a wide range of topics that relate to your students' needs. Each unit addresses questions that students typically ask when they enter high school.


You may choose the scope and sequence to determine how and when to introduce these life-changing topics!


Some schools take full advantage of our cumulative lessons by creating a “High School Prep4Success” class or a “Successful Study Skills” class. That way, students have time to cover the topics in a thoughtful and intentional manner.

In many cases, schools take a standard class time once a week or once a month to cover topics from the Prep4Success curriculum. Our lessons fit easily into existing classes, such as: 

  • Bible class

  • Elective class

  • Homeroom

  • Study Hall

  • You can also present these important lessons during a Freshman Orientation workshop.

Editable Lessons and Activities

Most Prep4Success lessons, PowerPoint presentations, activities, and assessments are editable, and you can print materials as needed. As a result, you can create custom lessons that target your students' interests as they develop essential life skills!


Each lesson includes a script to help you explore the topics, while encouraging collaboration and meaningful discussion. Click on the following units for details.

Prep4Success Topics and Lessons:

Learning About High School


  • Introduction/Overview of the High School Transition

  • High School Guest Speaker Day/Student Panel

  • High School Guest Speaker Day/Faculty Panel

  • GPA and Transcripts

  • Earning Credits and Class Rank

  • Maximizing Opportunities and Building a Solid Student Resume

  • My Conduct and Connecting to My Future

  • Learning and Using My Resources

  • Habits of Successful High School Students

  • Curriculum Guide (see description below)

  • Prep4Success Toolbox (see description below)

  • Freshman Orientation Workshop: These lessons from LEARNING ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL can help you design the perfect orientation for incoming freshmen!


High School Prep4Success – Curriculum Guide and Toolbox

We included these two resources in both the "Freshman Orientation" and "Best Value" packages, described below. Prep4Success provides you with all the tools you need to launch a successful program for students transitioning into high school.

The Prep4Success Curriculum Guide includes:


  • The Philosophy behind the Prep4Success Curriculum

  • Instructional Goals

  • Student Objectives

  • Ideas and Materials


The Prep4Success Toolbox includes the following editable resources:


  • Lesson Topics Student Survey

  • Student Anticipation Survey

  • Teacher Observations Survey

  • Parent Observations Survey

  • Sample Student Syllabus

  • Sample Surveys

  • Sample Parent Email

  • Intro Day Video Script and Parent Permission Forms

  • Certificate of Completion


Successful Study Skills


  • Habits of Successful High School Students

  • Learning Styles

  • Listening Skills

  • Note-Taking Strategies

  • Note-Taking Systems

  • Textbook Reading

  • Test Preparation

  • Test-Taking Strategies

  • Additional Product Details


Digital Footprint Awareness


  • Digital Footprint Awareness

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Internet Uses and Security


  • Time Management Part 1: Time Robbers

  • Time Management Part 2: Strategies

  • Organization

  • Decision-Making


God’s Calling



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