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Discover the Prep4Success Difference!


As educators, we continually identify and evaluate gaps in the program so we can provide a stellar experience for our students.


One such gap is the transition from middle school to high school. We noticed that students who benefit from academic rigor often feel overwhelmed because they do not understand classroom expectations in a high school setting.


Their stress is observable. Lacking successful study skills and key learning strategies, these students struggle to engage in school while planning for their future. Prep4Success can help.

The Best Christian Curriculum for helping students have hope and see themselves as heroes in life.

Early Intervention is the Answer!

Our interactive lesson plans, activities, and strategies enable students in grades 6 through 9 

to navigate school and life with confidence.

Most middle school students have questions before entering high school:

"What do teachers expect? How can I succeed?"


Prep4Success has developed an engaging curriculum

to address these concerns and prepare students for success at the next stage of life!

The Prep4Success Curriculum is a "win-win"!

We help you target the following needs:

Easing the transition into high school, so students know what to expect

Providing effective learning tools for success in the classroom and life

Emphasizing biblical foundations as students look toward the future

Fostering healthy relationships before entering high school 

The Results? Confident Students!

Teachers tell us that Prep4Success participants seem more confident.


Middle school students tell us that they feel less anxious about the transition into high school.

Parents express gratitude when they see their child's confidence, excitement, and growth.


Prep4Success can help you prepare YOUR students for the educational journey!


Why wait?

A Proven Curriculum Expert


Meet the Founder

In my 30-year career in education, I have worked with students from kindergarten through their transition into college and beyond. I have also spent 17 years as a state-certified guidance counselor at a Christian school.

The Prep4Success curriculum is the product of work that I continue to do with my own students.


I am passionate about student success!

This labor of love supports students on their journey as they discover their God-given potential.

B.S. Education - University of Texas, Tyler

B.A. Theology - Ambassador College

M.S Counseling - Texas A&M, Commerce

State-Certified School Counselor

Certified Life Discovery IMAGE Coach

Education is a tool. Children are a gift, one of God's greatest gifts.  Let’s invest in our children so they are equipped to influence new generations for God's glory!

“Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old

they will not turn from it."

Proverbs 22:6 NIV

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