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Customer Experiences

Rachel Williams

High School English Teacher

“I’ve had the pleasure of teaching lessons from Kathy Howard’s school guidance curriculum. In many cases, I’ve only had a few minutes to look over the material in preparation for class. Fortunately, the lessons are so user-friendly, easy to understand and well put together, that you’re ready to go pretty instantaneously! Don’t worry about coming up with discussion questions, activities to get the kids engaged, or worksheets to encourage student interaction—it’s all there in a simple, easy to follow format! The lessons save teachers and counselors alike time and energy while providing an excellent lesson to enhance student experience and encourage personal success! Highly recommend!”

Leslie M. Patterson

Academic Advisor

Lucas Christian Academy

Lucas, Texas

Using Prep4 Success was very easy.  I learned last minute that I could have a few class days with some of my 8th grade students.  I was able to easily select the two lessons I wanted to teach, make the appropriate adjustments, customizing the curriculum to my school and enter the classroom prepared to teach!  My 8th graders were inspired!  We enjoyed completing the activities together. Several of them made a college campus visit soon after our time together. Prep4Success afforded me a comfortable “touch-point” with my students; letting them know I care.

Faculty - Macurda_Kim+AR177.JPG

Kim Macurda

High School Counselor

Covenant Day School

Matthews, NC

“The Prep4Success materials provide a great framework for organizing topics that are useful for freshmen (study skills, time management, technology and early career/college planning).

Many of the worksheets are very helpful and I have used them along with the exercises in the curriculum.  The PowerPoint presentations within the lesson plans are well done. Because they are editable, I was able to make adjustments that fit my student needs.”

Carson Russell

Texoma Christian School


My favorite part of Prep class was learning how high school works.  I also learned some new study strategies, like different ways to take notes.  The activities were fun and I was able to apply what we were learning.  The things we learned motivated me to strive more. It helped me to understand that if I blow off high school, I will not get where I want to be later.

T'anne Boyd.jpeg

T'a nne Boyd

Texoma Christian School


Having the opportunity to work through these lessons with my school counselor gave me confidence about my ability to succeed in high school.  Brushing up on my skills and learning what to expect made me feel less intimidated about the new challenges ahead. 

It made me realize that balancing my academics with social and extracurricular activities will be a responsibility I cannot take lightly.

I also feel like it generated an excitement and helped me to cast a vision for my life beyond high school!

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