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Mental Health Curriculum

We believe in the difference Prep4Success curriculum has on students' lives, and we want to ensure our products are accessible to all schools regardless of size. Rather than an annual subscription, we instead offer a one-time licensing fee within the price. Purchasing a school-wide license for the list price allows schools to share the materials with their own teachers across classes and grade levels, year after year. 

For individual teachers and/or home-school parents, we offer a more affordable individual use-only license (see product details for promotional information).

Founder Kathy Pierce Howard's Book

Social Emotional Health 21-Day Challenge Book Cover is a woman looking out over a city

If you desire an increased sense of inner peace, need to improve your relationships, and want to gain renewed control over your life's direction, Social Emotional Health 21-Day Challege is for you. 

On this journey you will:

 1. Identify the five core social and emotional skills and mindsets

2. Gain a deeper understanding of the positive impact these skills can have on your mental health and overall success.

3. Learn ways to integrate these important skills and mindsets into your personal daily practices and relationships. 

4. Self-assess, set personal goals, and begining a journey to becoming more whole, peaceful, and productive

These skills are a recent focus of secondary education and yet adults cannot lead themselves or others without possessing them. Social and emotional skills are a point of controversy for some Christians and yet their objectives clearly align with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

This is a trek into your truest and best self. Striving to be your personal best costs nothing, but failure to do so will cost you the deepest joy and inner peace you can know. THIS is priceless.

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