Difficult and trying times can define the trajectory of a generation. The COVID-19 pandemic and current civil unrest present unique opportunities. While many people feel discouraged, students can choose to thrive.


In this lesson, you will lead your students through reflection, challenges, and exhortation. The goal is for them to process, define, and express their personal experience and find a “silver lining”. As a result, they can embrace valuable life lessons for the future.


Thriving in Trying Times works for middle school students OR high school students. Regardless of age, students can learn to apply key principles to other life-changing events that they need to process.


Lesson Layout:

  • Personal Mental-Emotional Health Survey
  • High Impact PowerPoint to Guide Sharing and Discussions


Learning Objectives – The students will:

  • Identify, express, and share their feelings and personal experience
  • Share and discover positive coping skills
  • Learn the value of life's challenges
  • Build a sense a community from their shared experience
  • Find hope and inspiration from their classmates


Implementation and Format:

  • The Prep4Success curriculum includes a biblically integrated lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets, and/or links to additional free resources.
  • We designed the activities to facilitate self-reflection, collaboration, and discussion surrounding important and timely topics.
  • By customizing Prep4Success lessons, you may edit and brand the lessons, PowerPoint presentations, activities, and assessments to reflect your school.
  • Prep4Success lessons are easy to present! Your school’s counselor, an invested teacher, administrator, or parent can facilitate the lessons and discussions.
  • Prep4Success lessons fit your schedule! We designed the lessons for a standard 50- to 55-minute class period, depending on the discussion.

Thriving in Trying Times

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