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While some freshmen may have had one or two high school level classes in 8th grade, the 9th-grade year can plunge them into a new world of expectations and experiences, including finals week.


This lesson provides a framework for you to discuss final exams and to prepare students for this strenuous academic experience.

Lesson Layout

  •  What are final exams?
  •  What’s the big deal? How do final  exams impact me?
  •  Tips for Survival and Success
  •  Review of Upcoming Exam Schedule
  •  Time Management Planning Activity

Learning Objectives – The students will:

  •  Learn what final exams are and how these tests impact a student’s grades and future
  •  Learn strategies to lower stress and maximize success on final exams
  •  Learn and practice relaxation techniques
  •  Make preparations and plans for final exam studying


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