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These SAMPLES are portions of our Finals Survival Guide lesson, designed to demonstrate how comprehensively we cover a given topic in our curriculum.  Enter FREE at check out.


While some freshmen may have had one or two high school level classes in 8th grade, the 9th-grade year can plunge them into a new world of expectations and experiences, including finals week.


This lesson package provides a framework for you to discuss final exams and to prepare students for this strenuous academic experience.

Lesson Layout

  •  What are final exams?
  •  What’s the big deal? How do final  exams impact me?
  •  Tips for Survival and Success including printable handouts
  •  Review of Upcoming Exam Schedule
  •  Time Management Planning Activity including printable editable calendars

Learning Objectives – The students will:

  •  Learn what final exams are and how these tests impact a student’s grades and future
  •  Learn strategies to lower stress and maximize success on final exams
  •  Learn and practice relaxation techniques
  •  Make preparations and plans for final exam studying


Prep4Success lesson packages include a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, thought-provoking activities, powerful discussion points, and links to additional free resources.


Implementation and Format:

  • We designed activities to encourage self-reflection, collaboration, and discussion about relevant timely topics.

  • You can customize Prep4Success materials by editing and branding the lesson materials to reflect your school and address your students' needs.
  • Facilitators: Anyone who loves students can present Prep4Success lessons! Your school’s counselor, teachers, administrators, or a parent can facilitate the lessons and discussions.
  • We designed the lessons for a standard 50- to 55-minute class period, depending on the discussion. Prep4Success lessons fit your schedule.

SAMPLE Freshman Finals Survival Lesson

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  • I partner with those who value this curriculum as an inspired labor of love and exercise integrity in the approved uses for the materials as stated in the terms and conditions.


    This download is for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY. You are granted access as an “individual” license, and thus, you agree to utilize these materials yourself with your students. All users will not copy, scan, email, share and/or post online including editable materials.

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