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Christian Curriculum That Shapes Futures and Inspires Action

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Preparing Students in Grades 6 Through 10

Prep4Success offers a biblically integrated curriculum with lessons and activities that help students develop the life and study skills needed to take on the challenges of high school and beyond with confidence and excitement!

Why Prep4Success?

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Every lesson plan, presentation, activity and assessment is editable to fit your students' needs

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Biblically Inspired

All materials integrate scripture and stories that reinforce

biblical principles

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Life Skills-Focused

A wide range of teachable, practical competencies give students the tools to enter high school with confidence

Popular Packages

A freshman girl stressed about finals throws her hands in the air in frustration with Freshman Finals Survival Guide text

Freshman Finals Survival Lesson


graduation cap with a box that says Learning About High School

Learning About High School

Two girl students look at a phone and a laptop as they study together

Successful Student Study and Life Skills

What Our Community is Saying

photo of Leslie M Patterson

"My eighth graders were inspired! We enjoyed completing the activities together.  Prep4Success afforded me a comfortable touch-point with my students; letting them know I care."

Leslie M. Patterson

Academic Advisor

Photo of Carson Russell

"The things we learned motivated me to strive for more. It helped me to understand that if I blow off high school, I will not get where I want to be later."

Carson Russell

Prep4Success Student

photo of Rachel Williams

"The lessons save teachers and counselors alike time and energy while providing an excellent lesson to enhance student experience and encourage personal success!"

Rachel Williams

High School English Teacher

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