The high school years can be mysterious, exciting and yet scary for students to consider.   There will be new responsibilities including increased rigor and workload for students.  These materials are designed to help you set up key sessions with your students to provide them the opportunity to gain a better understanding of what to expect and gain valuable skills to meet their new challenges with success.


This knowledge will help them maximize the opportunities that lie ahead and make connections between their high school years and their future, resulting in a sense of motivation and excitement for these important years.


While many of the topics are content heavy, these lessons are filled with opportunities to participate, practice, self-assess and set goals.  Best of all they are filled with stories and scripture that illuminate the significance of this information to their future. 


This quality time with your students is the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with them prior to the heading into the important high school years.

Implementation and Format:

  • This package of lessons in especially idea if you plan to conduct a class or series of session to prepare you 8th graders for high school. 
  • Lessons are customizable and can be taught by the school counselor, or any available invested teacher, administrator or parent
  • Lessons are 40-50 minutes in length
  • Lessons include a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets and links to additional free resources
  • Activities facilitate self-reflection, collaboration and discussion surrounding important and timely topics
  • Game Center - includes adaptable game ideas and resources!


24 Lessons:


How High School Works

  • Introduction/Overview of the High School Transition

  • High School Guest Speaker Day/Student Panel

  • GPA and Transcripts

  • Earning Credits and Class Rank

  • Opportunities Available

  • Conduct and Connecting to My future


Successful Study Skills

  • Learning and Using My Resources

  • Habits of Successful High School Students

  • Learning styles

  • Listening Skills

  • Note Taking

  • Textbook Reading

  • Test Preparation

  • Test Taking


Digital Footprints:

  • Digital Footprint

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Internet Uses and Security



  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • Decision-making



  • Got Purpose?

  • Do I have a Calling?

  • Got Talent?

  • Talent and Career Research


High School Prep4Success Curriculum

Guide and Toolbox:

Provides the philosophy, instructional goals, student objectives, and items to set up your time together for success such as Lesson Topics Student Survey, Student Anticipation Survey, Teacher Observations Survey, Parent Observations Survey, Sample Student Syllabus, Sample Surveys, Sample Parent Email, Intro Day Video Script and Parent Permission Forms, Certificate of Completion

High School Prep4Success Curriculum Guide, Lessons and Toolbox

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