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Help your students meet their academic and personal challenges by showing them how to work SMARTER! 


In these lessons, students will evaluate their current academic habits, discover their personal learning style preferences, explore effective study strategies, develop important self-management techniques and so much more! 

This package includes 20 lessons that include: lesson plans, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets, certificate of completion, links to additional free resources, and a "Game Center" (with adaptable game ideas and resources!).


20 Lessons

  1. Habits of Successful Students Part 1

  2. Habits of Successful Students Part 2

  3. Learning Styles

  4. Listening Skills

  5. Note-Taking Strategies

  6. Note-Taking Systems

  7. Textbook Reading

  8. Test Preparation

  9. Test Taking

  10. Organization

  11. Decision-Making

  12. Time Management - Time Robbers

  13. Time Management - Strategies

  14. Stress Management - Defining and Assessing

  15. Stress Management - Surviving and Thriving

  16. Goal Setting - Targeting: Determining Worthy Goals

  17. Goal Setting - Taking Action: Setting SMART Goals

  18. Goal Setting - Persevering: Seeing It Through

  19. Goal Setting - Failing Forward: Learning from Setback

  20. Learning and Using My Resources

The Successful Student Package

  • This curriculum is an inspired labor of love; I ask you to exercise integrity in the approved uses for the materials as stated in the terms and conditions.


    If you purchased a “school-wide” license, you agree to use these materials on your individual school campus only. Purchasing schools and/or individuals may access and download materials for use within their school, or by faculty, staff, and students only.


    If you purchased an “individual” license, you agree to use these materials yourself with your students. No user may copy, scan, email, share, and/or post curriculum online, including editable materials.

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