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Our students are growing up in a unique time in history that presents both great opportunities and even greater challenges. 


In this 3-lesson bundle, students will discover the connection between online activities and their future. Additionally, they will explore the impact of digital footprints concerning personal safety. Students will learn how digital footprints are created, how to exercise responsibility and apply biblical principles to their online activities.


High School Prep4Success lessons include lesson planeditable PowerPoint, interactive collaborative activitiesworksheetslinks to additional free resources, and a "Game Center" (with adaptable game ideas and resources!)


Lessons that Build Awareness and Promote Safe Internet Use:

  1. Digital Footprint Awareness

  2. Digital Citizenship/Leadership

  3. Internet Uses and Security

Digital Footprint, Citizenship, Uses, and Safety Package

  • This curriculum is an inspired labor of love; I ask you to exercise integrity in the approved uses for the materials as stated in the terms and conditions.


    If you purchased a “school-wide” license, you agree to use these materials on your individual school campus only. Purchasing schools and/or individuals may access and download materials for use within their school, or by faculty, staff, and students only.


    If you purchased an “individual” license, you agree to use these materials yourself with your students. No user may copy, scan, email, share, and/or post curriculum online, including editable materials.

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