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This bundle includes 10 confidence-building lesson packages, Curriculum Guide, Game Center, and Toolbox. See lesson topics details below.


This editable curriculum is ideal for freshman orientation activities, whether you have a workshop or a series of class meetings with your eighth or ninth graders.


Building Confidence with Interactive Tools and Collaborative Learning

The Freshman Orientation package includes engaging, interactive tools and self-assessments that foster confidence as students learn about high school standards, requirements, and expectations.


Scripture, stories, and parables bring life to the content as together you explore the God-honoring principles that lead to success in school and life.


Let us help you create a relevant, high-impact experience for students as they explore topics they will encounter in high school, college, and beyond.


High School Prep4Success lessons include a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets, links to additional free resources, a "Game Center" (with adaptable game ideas and resources!) and "Toolbox" with everything you need to generate excitement and set your students for high school success!


Our Freshmen Orientation Curriculum Guide and Toolbox are included!

The Prep4Success Curriculum Guide provides a scope and sequence while explaining the philosophy, instructional goals, student objectives, lesson strategies, and resources to help you optimize class time.


Our Toolbox provides the following: Lesson Topics Student Survey, Student Anticipation Survey, Teacher Observations Survey, Parent Observations Survey, Sample Student Syllabus, Sample Surveys, Sample Parent Email, Intro Day Video Script, Parent Permission Forms, and a Certificate of Completion.

Lesson Topics that Build Confidence and Excitement:

  1. Introduction/Overview of the High School Transition

  2. High School Guest Speaker Day/Student Panel

  3. High School Guest Speaker Day/Faculty Panel

  4. GPA and Transcripts

  5. Earning Credits and Class Rank

  6. Maximizing Opportunities for Impact

  7. Conduct and Connecting to My Future

  8. Learning and Using My Resources

  9. The High School Resume
  10. Freshmen Finals Survival Guide

Freshmen Orientation Package

  • This curriculum is an inspired labor of love; I ask you to exercise integrity in the approved uses for the materials as stated in the terms and conditions.


    If you purchased a “school-wide” license, you agree to use these materials on your individual school campus only. Purchasing schools and/or individuals may access and download materials for use within their school, or by faculty, staff, and students only.


    If you purchased an “individual” license, you agree to use these materials yourself with your students. No user may copy, scan, email, share, and/or post curriculum online, including editable materials.

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