The high school years can be exhilarating, yet many students feel overwhelmed when they think about the changes they will face. Let Prep4Success partner with you to guide students through their transition into high school!


Building Confidence with Interactive Tools

The Freshman Orientation package includes engaging, interactive tools that foster confidence as students learn about high school standards, requirements, and expectations.


Our lessons also feature scriptures and stories that reinforce God-honoring principles that lead to success in school and life.


Let us help you create a relevant, high-impact experience for students as they explore topics they will encounter in for high school, college, and beyond.


Maximizing Opportunities for Success

Freshman Orientation lessons teach students how to maximize their opportunities for success. At the same time, students learn to make connections between their high school years and the future. As a result, they develop a greater sense of motivation and excitement as they enter these important years.


Collaborative Learning with Self-Assessments

Each Prep4Success lesson encourages collaboration and reflection. Students begin by discussing and researching key topics. Next, they evaluate and assess their findings, while practicing academic and life skills. Finally, they learn to set realistic goals and manage expectations.


This editable curriculum is ideal for freshman orientation activities, whether you have a workshop or a series of class meetings with your eighth graders.


Let us help you launch a High School Prep4Success class today!


Implementation and Format:

  • Prep4Success Freshman Orientation will help you conduct a series of formative sessions, preparing your middle school students for high school.
  • You can easily customize Prep4Success materials by editing and branding the lessons, PowerPoint presentations, activities, and assessments to reflect your school.
  • Any adult who loves students can present Prep4Success lessons. Your school’s counselor, an invested teacher, administrator, or parent can easily facilitate the lessons and discussions.
  • Prep4Success lessons fit your schedule! We designed the lessons for a standard 50- to 55-minute class period, depending on the discussion.
  • Prep4Success lessons include a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets, links to additional free resources, and a "Game Center" (with adaptable game ideas and resources!).


The Curriculum Guide and Toolbox are included!


The Prep4Success Curriculum Guide provides a scope and sequence, while explaining the philosophy, instructional goals, student objectives, lesson strategies, and resources to help you optimize class time.


Our Toolbox provides the following: Lesson Topics Student Survey, Student Anticipation Survey, Teacher Observations Survey, Parent Observations Survey, Sample Student Syllabus, Sample Surveys, Sample Parent Email, Intro Day Video Script, Parent Permission Forms, and a Certificate of Completion.


Lesson Topics that Build Confidence and Excitement:

  • Introduction/Overview of the High School Transition

  • High School Guest Speaker Day/Student Panel

  • High School Guest Speaker Day/Faculty Panel

  • GPA and Transcripts

  • Earning Credits and Class Rank

  • Maximizing Opportunities and Building a Solid Student Resume

  • Conduct and Connecting to My Future

  • Learning and Using My Resources

  • Habits of Successful High School Students

Freshman Orientation Lessons, Curriculum Guide, and Toolbox

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