The high school years bring increased rigor and workload for students. To meet the challenges ahead, students must work hard and use effective study strategies.


Successful Study Skills can help students in grades 6 through 9 develop effective habits to propel them towards success.


Participants will evaluate their current academic habits, discover their personal learning style, and apply key study strategies and life skills that successful students follow. Finally, they will identify specific action steps that can lead to their personal improvement.

Implementation and Format:

  • The Prep4Success curriculum is customizable! You may brand and edit the lessons, PowerPoint presentations, activities, and assessments to reflect your school and suit your students’ needs.
  • Prep4Success lessons are easy to present! Your school’s counselor, an invested teacher, administrator, or parent can facilitate the lessons and discussions.
  • Prep4Success lessons fit your schedule! We designed the lessons for a standard 50- to 55-minute period, depending on the discussion.
  • Prep4Success lessons include a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets, links to additional free resources, and a "Game Center" (with adaptable game ideas and resources!).
  • Successful Study Skills foster reflection, collaboration, and discussion surrounding important topics that students will encounter in high school, college, and beyond.


Lessons that Foster Resilience:

  • Habits of Successful High School Students

  • Learning Styles

  • Listening Skills

  • Note-Taking Strategies

  • Note-Taking Systems

  • Textbook Reading

  • Test Preparation

  • Test Taking

Successful Study Skills