The high school years will demand an increased rigor and workload for students.  To meet the challenges ahead, students need to work harder, but with the use of specific study strategies they can work smarter and be more effective. 


In these lessons students will have the opportunity to evaluate their current academic habits, discover their personal learning style strengths, review study strategies of successful students and identify action steps for personal improvement.

Implementation and Format:

  • Designed for 6th-9th grade
  • Lessons are customizable and can be taught by the school counselor, or any available invested teacher, administrator or parent
  • Lessons are 40-50 minutes in length
  • Lessons include a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets and links to additional free resources
  • Activities facilitate self-reflection, collaboration and discussion surrounding important and timely topics
  • Game Center - includes adaptable game ideas and resources!


7 Lessons

  • Habits of Successful High School Students

  • Learning styles

  • Listening Skills

  • Note Taking

  • Textbook Reading

  • Test Preparation

  • Test Taking

Successful Study Skills

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