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What our weary teenagers need right now is…YOU!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

A new year has rolled around and yet the challenges that smacked our lives in 2020 and the resulting emotional impact lingers. According to experts, students are experiencing more anxiety than ever before, causing alarm among mental health professionals. Increasing numbers of preteens and teenagers say they feel overwhelmed and unprepared to face challenges, especially in school. As a result, YOUR influence matters more than ever!

Despite our current climate of uncertainty, you can help your students’ transition into high school with a sense of hope, determination, and confidence!

What Can YOU Do to Help Your Middle School Students?

Take these three steps to prepare your eighth-grade students for high school and maximize the important years just ahead:

Attention – Let them lead.

  • Ask your students to share their concerns about transitioning into high school and describe their “vision of a successful transition”. Then formulate an action plan.

  • Allow your students to create a list of topics they want to address. Or ask them to pick from our editable list that we include in Prep4Success Academy’s Freshmen Orientation package.

Affirmation – Lead with listening.

  • Gather your students input by asking relevant questions. Listen carefully, giving them your undivided attention. This will affirm that they and their future matter!

  • As you listen to your students’ concerns, hopes, and dreams, involve them in the planning. That way, you will affirm your “partnership” and build valuable bonds as you help them prepare for their future.

Acton – Take action together.

  • Find the time and place to put your plans into action (for ideas see below). Taking action that helps students transition into high school sends a powerful message of hope and assurance. Together, you can help light their path, address their concerns, and focus on progress.

  • Emphasize that the goal is progress, not perfection. Students typically learn through trial and error, and “failing forward” can develop grit, an important ingredient in every endeavor.

The Impact of Building “Developmental Relationships”

Research shows that young people who experience strong developmental relationship bonds early in life show significant growth in social and emotional skills. These skills are key to developing resilience as well as success in academics and personal relationships.

YOU can play a major role in this important development. Give students your time and the right tools with our innovative Prep4Success program. Our freshmen orientation package has everything you need to help your students’ successfully transition into high school.

Our biblically-integrated curriculum includes lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, activities, games, worksheets, stories, and links to additional resources. Most Prep4Success materials are editable so you can customize the content to suit your students’ needs. You can make adjustments easily, whether you teach in person or remotely. Read what customers are saying about Prep4Success!

Can’t find the time? Consider dedicating time once per week or monthly during Bible class, Study Hall, Small Group time, Elective class, Homeroom period or plan a workshop. The Prep4Success program adapts to your schedule!

Help your middle school students make their transition into high school a smooth one. In the process, the bonds you build will have a positive impact on their future success for years to come.

Their Future — Our Tools — Your Influence!

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Author: Kathy Pierce Howard, creator of Prep4Success Academy curriculum for educators and parents to enhance student motivation and success. For more TOOLS and to sign up to receive this blog go to

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