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Social and Emotional Health for Educators

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Are you feeling easily frustrated with your students, co-workers, and those closest to you? Are you overly irritated by seemingly minor events? If this is you, you are not alone.

As educators, we are called to serve students; to teach, lead, guide, and inspire the next generation to reach their full God-given potential and impact the world for His glory. As image bearers of Christ, we are created to thrive in relationships with others.

a teacher holds a book over her face, appearing stressed

And yet, to do all these things we must first possess a clear understanding of and get a grip on our emotions. It is then that we can begin to exercise the skills needed to set the proper example and to experience positive social interactions even in challenging situations.

What is Social and Emotional Health

THIS is our social and emotional health. It includes the capacity to understand and manage our emotions, cultivate positive relationships, and make responsible productive decisions. Research confirms that these abilities contribute to student academic success. There is also evidence that possessing these core competencies increases the overall well-being and sense of purposeful self-direction for individuals of all ages.

These skills are the building blocks for a well-grounded person. This is a person who is stable and calm during unsettling times. As difficult times continue, addressing the mental well-being of our teachers and staff has never been more important. And the need for strong examples for our youth has never been greater.

Social and Emotional Health Controversies in Christianity

So why are social and emotional skills a point of controversy for some Christians?

In my new workbook, Social Emotional Health: 21-Day Challenge, I share how the objectives of these skills clearly align with the fruits of the Spirit and how to implement them into everyday life as we navigate our trying times.

a teen stands in a field at sunrise holding a bible to represent the fruits of the spirit

Christ’s example and teachings parallel the goals of social and emotional wellness as shared in Galatians 5:22-23; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. A healthy and happy life is a product of all these qualities.

  • To possess healthy self-awareness, we must see ourselves the way God sees us.

  • To practice self-management, we must employ self-control.

  • To exercise social awareness, gentleness is key.

  • To enjoy healthy relationships, we must practice patience and kindness.

  • If we seek goodness and wisdom, we will make more responsible decisions.

Christ’s followers are called to pursue Him, overcome sin, make responsible choices, and grow in bearing His image. Growing is a joyful lifestyle that relieves us of the pressure of perfection and leads us to a place where we can make a greater and more positive impact every day.

The 21-Day Social and Emotional Health Challenge

Cover of Kathy Pierce Howard's book Social Emotional Health 21-Day Challenge

This pursuit costs nothing, but failure to do so will cost you the deepest joy and inner peace you can know. THIS is priceless.

If you desire an increased sense of peace, need to improve your relationships, and want to gain renewed control over your life’s direction, click HERE and take my 21-day Social Emotional Health challenge!

“Behold, you desire truth in the innermost being, and in the hidden part [of my heart]

You will make me know wisdom” Psalm 51:6 (AMP).

Their future – your influence – our tools! Want to know more?

Prep4Success Curriculum is specifically designed to provide you with the tools to connect to your students as you explore timely important developmental topics together. You can inspire, you just need the right tools. Join us!

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