Good self-management practices are key to success, in school and throughout life. For students to achieve their goals, they need to be self-aware and to broaden their knowledge with targeted practice.


We designed these interactive lessons for students in grades 6 through 9.  By laying a solid foundation during these early years, students can enter high school with confidence and excitement.


Scripture declares that self-control and wisdom can lead to success and satisfaction. In these lessons, students will assess their personal practices and learn techniques to develop self-management skills.


Implementation and Format:

  • Customize the Prep4Success curriculum by editing and branding the Self-Management lessons, PowerPoint presentations, activities, and assessments to reflect your school.
  • Anyone who loves students can present the Self-Management lessons! Your school’s counselor, an invested teacher, administrator, or parent can easily facilitate the lessons and discussions.
  • We designed the lessons for a standard 50- to 55-minute class period, depending on the discussion. Our lessons fit your schedule!
  • Prep4Success Self-Managment includes engaging activities that encourage self-reflection, collaboration, and discussion as students learn how to implement life-changing skills.
  • Prep4Success lessons include a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets, links to additional free resources, and a "Game Center" (with adaptable game ideas and resources!).


Lessons that Build Confidence:

  • Organization

  • Decision-Making

  • Time Management - Time Robbers

  • Time Managment - Strategies

  • Stress Management - Defining and Assessing

  • Stress Managment - Surviving and Thriving