Good self-management practices are key to success, in school and throughout life. For students to achieve their goals, they need to be self-aware and to broaden their knowledge with targeted practice.


We designed these interactive lessons for students in grades 6 through 9.  By laying a solid foundation during these early years, students can enter high school with confidence and excitement.


Scripture declares that self-control and wisdom can lead to success and satisfaction. In these lessons, students will assess their personal practices and learn techniques to develop self-management skills.


Implementation and Format:

  • Customize the Prep4Success curriculum by editing and branding the Self-Management lessons, PowerPoint presentations, activities, and assessments to reflect your school.
  • Anyone who loves students can present the Self-Management lessons! Your school’s counselor, an invested teacher, administrator, or parent can easily facilitate the lessons and discussions.
  • We designed the lessons for a standard 50- to 55-minute class period, depending on the discussion. Our lessons fit your schedule!
  • Prep4Success Self-Managment includes engaging activities that encourage self-reflection, collaboration, and discussion as students learn how to implement life-changing skills.
  • Prep4Success lessons include a lesson plan, editable PowerPoint, activities, worksheets, links to additional free resources, and a "Game Center" (with adaptable game ideas and resources!).


Lessons that Build Confidence:

  • Organization

  • Decision-Making

  • Time Management - Time Robbers

  • Time Managment - Strategies

  • Stress Management - Defining and Assessing

  • Stress Managment - Surviving and Thriving


  • Soft “terms and condition” statement:

    I partner with those that value this curriculum as an inspired labor of love and exercise integrity in the approved uses for the materials as stated in the terms and conditions.  All rights reserved for single campus use only.  Purchasing schools and/or individuals will access and download materials for use within their school faculty, staff and students only with the exception of free outside materials and/or links shared within.  Such users will not copy, scan, email, share and/or post online including editable materials.