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Scripture says that we must “count the cost” before we start a project (Luke 14:28-30 ESV).  The Bible also says that God is not the author of confusion and that all things should be done “in order” (1 Corinthians 1440 ESV).  This two part resource will help students with both!


  1. Organizational Tips will provide a framework for discussion to help students understand the benefits of organizational skills and how to maximize their space and resources.
  2. The checklist guide will help them to complete a personal or peer review of their personal spaces and organizational skills. This provides important feedback to increase student awareness of areas to improve.


This content is a part of our powerful Goal-setting and Self-management lessons packed with engaging activities designed to help students learn the skills necessary to develop autonomy and experience personal success.


Prep4Success Academy Curriculum lessons are packed with ready-made lesson plans, beautifully illustrated PowerPoints, relatable stories, scripture, and thought-provoking activities like this one.

Organize and Maximize! Worksheets

  • I partner with those who value this curriculum as an inspired labor of love and exercise integrity in the approved uses for the materials as stated in the terms and conditions.


    This download is for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY. You are granted access as an “individual” license, and thus, you agree to utilize these materials yourself with your students. All users will not copy, scan, email, share and/or post online including editable materials.

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