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God’s calling is more than finding a vocation. It should lead to an awareness of a person’s gifts and interests, resulting in a sense of purpose. God’s calling hinges on a profound understanding of an individual’s “divine design”.

This life-shaping 5-lesson bundle inspires meaningful conversation and spiritual investigation surrounding this timely topic. Students can discover God’s calling through personal assessment, introspection, guided discussion, and biblically-based research.


High School Prep4Success lessons include lesson planeditable PowerPointactivitiesworksheets, and links to additional free resources.


Lessons that Build a Sense of Purpose and Direction:

  1. Got Purpose?
  2. Do I Have a Calling? Part 1
  3. Do I have a Calling? Parts 2
  4. Got Talent?
  5. Talent and Career Connection Research

God's Calling: Purposeful Career Direction Package

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