Donor Program

YOU can have an impact on preparing students for their important years ahead, in high school and in life.  These biblically integrated tools provide Christian educators, parents and pastors a framework for imparting important life skills that also build key relationships as they journey together during these impressionable years.  

Many Christian Schools, Churches and Home School Co-ops lack the funds to purchase these tools.

Our donor program allows:

  1. You to make a general donate to a needy school or organization that wants to purchase this curriculum.

  2. You to make a donation to a specific school or organization needing help purchasing this curriculum.

  3. Schools and organizations to create a profile to request donations toward their curriculum purchase goals.


You may contribute as little as $50 toward the purchase of this curriculum for a needy school. 100% of these funds will go toward the purchase of the curriculum for schools needing assistance. A small percentage, about 3%, goes to PayPal for processing.

For general donations to a needy school

You may contribute as much or as little as you want!  You set the amount.


For donations to YOUR school or organization

Follow this link to donate 

Prep4Success Academy


3500 W. Houston St

Sherman, Texas 75092

Prefer to mail your donation:  Send a check directly to Prep4Success at the address provided here.  Be sure to include whether your donation is for any needy school or state the name of the  school or organization for which you are making your donation.

Thank your for loving us and loving your students.


Create a profile and send out the customizable emails/letters to your internal and external community stake holders that

includes a link taking them to our donations page where they can find your profile and donate to your school's purchase goals.