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Students Need Skills AND Wisdom to Meet Their Challenges

2020-2021 has been the most challenging academic year in recent history, with educators pivoting quickly to engage students who were learning in person and at home.

Now, you are looking towards 2021-2022, and challenges remain, especially for middle school students. The high school years can be exhilarating, yet many students feel overwhelmed when they think about the changes they will face.

How are you preparing your middle school students for the important years ahead?

Now, more than ever, young people need to build confidence, starting in middle school. Students should combine their knowledge with pertinent skills that can prepare them for a rapidly changing world. They need to know how to investigate, collaborate, and communicate.

Middle school students also need your wisdom as they navigate the years ahead. Your support can propel them from high school to college and beyond. YOU can help your students create a meaningful future.

Follow these steps and make it happen!

1. Build Confidence with an Interactive Curriculum

Immersive, hands-on lessons appeal to students from differing backgrounds, despite their individual learning style. Prep4Success offers a wide range of educational tools that equip students in grades 6 through 9. We partner with educators to facilitate a smooth transition from middle school to high school.

Whether you teach students in person or remotely, Prep4Success can help you prepare students for the years ahead. For instance, our Freshman Orientation package includes interactive lessons that foster confidence and leadership as students learn about high school standards, requirements, and expectations.

Our Christian curriculum features biblically based lessons that reinforce God-honoring principles that lead to success in school and life.

2. Build Healthy Relationships with Your Students

Teachers have a unique opportunity to create a lasting bond with students and impact their future for years to come. Students typically spend 1,000 hours with their teachers during a school year, and a teacher who models a love of learning can change a student’s life. Effective teachers inspire creativity and encourage healthy disciplines, such as time management.

Prep4Success allows you to carve out time for life-changing discussions about self-management, digital awareness, and calling, all of which enhance the student’s sense of hope, determination, and confidence.

3. Build Excitement and Opportunities for High School Success

Students entering high school have questions, but they also feel excited about the possibilities. They want to test their wings and soar the heights of success, but most need a little push now and then. They must develop solid study skills and test-taking strategies before they make the Honor Roll.

Prep4Success curriculum and lesson topics teach students how to maximize their opportunities for success. We focus on practical application that translates to beneficial life skills.

When students participate in Prep4Success courses, they learn to make connections between their high school years and the future. As a result, they develop a greater sense of motivation and interest.

YOU can create a relevant, high-impact experience for students as they explore topics they will encounter in high school, college, and beyond.

Their future – your influence – our tools! Want to know more?

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Author: Kathy Pierce Howard, creator of Prep4Success Academy curriculum for educators and parents to enhance student motivation and success. For more TOOLS and to sign up to receive this blog go to

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