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Quantum Leap

What is the shortest distance between two points? If you said… “a straight line”, you would be like most of us. A recent answer I heard spoke volumes especially for those of us investing daily in students’ personal growth.

Steve Kimberlin said, “The shortest distance between two points is wise counsel.” He further shared that this actually helps to bring about a quantum leap in students’ lives.

Today, our students have all the information they think they need at their fingertips. “They’ve consumed adult information since childhood, but not adult experiences. They feel they know so much, and if they don’t know something, they live in an on-demand world where they can find it now.” Tim Elmore

As a result, students don’t feel they need adults for information. What they do need is wise counsel from a trusted adult to help them apply and use information. The important topics really haven’t changed but our approach to these topics with students must. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Respect students’ knowledge. Begin with what they already know and what they want to know more about.

  • Respect students’ ability and desire to problem solve. Allow them to discover the problem rather than prescribe it.

  • Respect failure. Allow students to self-directed and self-correct by coming alongside them.

  • Cultivate meaningful conversations to help students think and talk about information.

  • Cultivate students’ imaginations. Use images and stories that illustrate.

  • Cultivate connections. Listen lots, talk less.

Back to that quantum leap. It happens when students take advantage of wise counsel. In doing so, they are taking advantage of the time, money and experience you have invested in building the wisdom YOU have to share.

This can’t happen without the key. The key is relationship. The way is TIME.

If your low on time, use our tools. Our lessons are designed to cultivate biblically integrated conversation around timely topics. Conversations build relationships. Our activities are designed to get them in the driver’s seat, self-discover and explore solutions. Application builds ownership.

The battle is real and it is ramping up. Cultural norms that are shifting away from a biblical worldview challenge our students every day. It is a time like no other to draw nigh to them. Don’t grow weary in well doing. A quantum leap awaits. Your influence matters, Join me!

“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14

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Author: Kathy Pierce Howard, creator of Prep4Success Academy curriculum for educators and parents to enhance student motivation and success. For more TOOLS and to sign up to receive this blog go to

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