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A New Journey Begins...

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Today we began High School Prep for Success with the class of 2023! Each spring, I facilitate guidance lessons targeted to prepare our 8th graders for what lies ahead in the important high school years and beyond. It began as you might imagine with some ho-hums and groans when they find out they will be missing a little study hall time. After doing this for years, this reaction doesn’t surprise me but it still pains me. And therein lies the challenge… but they are worth it.

I told them “I get it; changes can be annoying but give me a chance to prove this to be a very worthy exchange of your time.”

In reality, their hearts are hungry, eager to be encouraged and enlightened. They long to belong and find their place in this world. Enter stage right, an adult who will take the time, who is willing to sort through their mess, their attitudes, their misconceptions about life, themselves and even YOU. This is a crucial time for educators, parents and/or pastors to invest time and energy to help students view themselves, others and life through a biblical lens.

We carve out time one period a week, partially from study hall and partially from their elective class, for approximately a quarter of the spring semester. The spring of 8th grade year, when they are eager to move on to high school, has proven to be an effective time for making this investment to focus on them.

Year after year, the payoff has been tremendous. Each year, I cover as much as I can from how high school works, to life skills such as successful study strategies, self-management, to their digital footprint. I also MAKE it a time to stir up their aspirations and give them something in which to rise to. I tell them, show them and repeat, what God says about them. They matter, they have an impact to make and God wants to use them!

And then there are the bonds that are built. It becomes a “We are in-it to win-it TOGETHER, class of 2023!” As I facilitate this ride, I get the privilege of sharing what God says as we journey. It is a weaving of truth with life, usually best received on the path at just the right moment.

It’s worth the fight. It’s worth the time. It’s their future, your influence, don’t miss the chance… join me!

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Author: Kathy Pierce Howard, creator of Prep4Success Academy curriculum for educators and parents to enhance student motivation and success. Sign up to receive this blog at

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