Frequently asked questions

Should I do the online or the in-person workshop?

Both workshops are energy-packed and deliver success content. Our facilitators are equipped to really deliver on both. See the dates of both types of workshop to see which one suits you best. In both you’ll receive worksheets to guide you along the journey of creating your marketing strategies, have live interaction with Danielle and our other facilitators and walk away knowing exactly how to make marketing work for you.

Can I bring more than one person from my company?

Absolutely, we really encourage this and once you sign up more than one person we discount the per person rate by 20%.

How long is each workshop?

It’s a really intense workshop with loads of interaction and activities so we usually run for about 6 hours. We do take breaks and all our participants walk away with everything they need to really get in marketing action. Each workshop is followed a few days later with a two-hour webinar to reinforce everything we learned and also get even more personal about all the creative ideas you develop in the workshop and in the days after.

How often do you have workshops?

Online workshops are usually held twice per month and in-person workshops are held once per month. With COVID-19 we are very careful about social distancing and take every precaution mandated by the government of any location we have our workshops in.

Will you do in-person workshops in any country?

Our goal is to work with SMEs worldwide so just say the word and we will get our passports and be on our way.

Can I have a private workshop with me and a few of my friends in business?

Absolutely! We love doing these and once you’ve identified at least 10 businesses to attend, we take over all the planning so you and your colleagues just have to show up and immerse yourself in the day.


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